When it comes to losing weight successfully and improving your health you need a weight loss program that works for you. Perhaps you have enrolled in other diet programs in the past that simply couldn’t give you the results you desired. At the Belite Medical Center, we use appetite suppressant medications combined with exercise and healthy dieting that will help you to achieve your weight loss goals.

Our program is an innovative, medically-oriented approach and medications are a key component to our program, but before being prescribed you will go through a health screening. Most of our patients are prescribed phentermine, phendimetrazine, and diethylpropion when they join our program. These medications help increase norepinephrine production in your brain, thereby decreasing hunger and stopping food cravings.

Whatever your past experience is with other weight loss programs, our Belite Medical Clinic can be the start of a successful weight loss program. Our staff truly understands what it takes to produce real results—with nearly 95% of our patients losing weight successfully.