When you’re striving towards your weight loss goal, every little thing matters. While you may think you’re doing everything you need to, you might still not be seeing the results that you want. If so, there’s a reason. Lots of habits that people think are supporting their weight loss, are, in reality, working against you. Don’t feel frustrated, we’re here to break down all these pesky habits so that you can correct them and get to your perfect body.

Major Changes to Portions Size

When you’re trying to cut down on your weight, you’ve probably rightly realized that you’ve been eating too much. A common mistake, however, is to dramatically cut down on your portions. This is an understandable mistake.

Cutting down on your portions significantly right off the bat will leave you hungry. This results in snacking, which we all know will just add extra calories to your diet. The better alternative is to slowly reduce your portion size over time. Balancing your meals out with the proper ratios of protein, carbs, and vegetables will help you feel full off of less and makes the transition to smaller portions easier.

The Trap of Low-Fat Foods

Low-fat foods directly appeal to the idea that fats are bad. In reality, fat is good. That is, as long as it’s the right kind of fat. Trans fats are what you’re trying to avoid, not fat in general. Low-fat foods rarely make the distinction. Worse, low-fat foods have a nasty secret.

Low-fat foods keep their foods tasting good by replacing that fat with things like salt and sugar. These wreak havoc on your health and are just as bad for you as the fats you’re trying to avoid. Stick to all-natural low-fat foods rather than opting for foods specifically advertised this way.

Sugar Substitutes

Sugar is usually one of those things that are best to cut down on. That’s why sugar-free products are especially appealing and especially dangerous. These products replace sugar with sweetening alternatives. In the short-term, these might cut calories, but in the long run, is where the problems come in.

With artificial sweeteners, your risk for diabetes, heart problems, and fat gain actually increase. Researchers believe that this happens for two main reasons. First, these sweeteners actually increase your cravings, causing you to eat more. Second, these products are often just as unhealthy as the foods or drinks they come from, fooling you into thinking you’re making the healthy choice.

Weight loss can seem challenging. In reality, most of the success in weight loss comes down to understanding what habits you have that are holding you back from your perfect body. Realizing that some of those habits, you might have mistaken for good ones. Know that you’re in the know, it’s time to come into BeLite Medical Center and see the pounds drop off for good!