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At Home Workout Benefits

Finding the perfect time to work out can be challenging. When you’re trying to reach your weight loss goals it can become frustrating when you constantly have to stress about making it to the gym. However, don’t fear; at home workouts prove to be just as effective as heading to the gym. There are also several other benefits one can enjoy from an at home workout session. Continue reading this blog to find out three major reasons you’ll never want to head to the gym again.


Gym visits require you to set aside time in order to make everything work. It’s rare that you can simply wake up and decide to head to the gym at your leisure. Often times you are fitting the gym into an already busy schedule. When you are equipped to complete your workouts in the space of your own home, scheduling becomes less of a challenge. You no longer have to pass up fun invites or brave the terrible weather. Simply roll out of bed and begin!

Less Germs

No phobias are required to be fearful of the germs that linger around the gym. Whether or not people bring or use the towel after they’ve finished a machine, the potential to pick up a sickness or something else is very high. When you work out in the comfort of your own home you are less likely to catch something from someone who just hopped off the machine before you!

Embarrassment Free Zone

It’s only natural to occasionally feel embarrassed at the gym. Whether you feel pressured to keep up with those around you or you failed at trying a new machine, embarrassment can hold you back. When you work out in the comfort of your own home you never have to feel like all eyes are on you. You can dress however you please and safely try new moves that you may have been too self-conscious to try in front of others. Being at home gives you the space required to focus solely on yourself instead of competing with those around you. Now you can reach your weight loss and fitness goals quicker than ever!


Working out in general is a great way to further your weight loss journey. If you’re finding it hard to keep up with regular gym visits, maybe it’s time to consider an at home work out program. To get a jump start on your weight loss journey check us out today!

Mental Planning for Weight Loss

Millions of people struggle with being overweight and obese. Whether it’s your first time attempting to lose weight or your hundredth crash diet, the stress of trying to change your lifestyle for the better can be incredibly taxing. Some of this anguish can be directly linked to the physical discomfort when starting an exercise regime or hunger pains that start with changing your eating habits. The majority of the struggle can also be associated with the mental torment one feels when facing the daunting reality of a healthy diet coupled with regular exercise. Some of this is inevitable, and must be taken in stride if one wishes to see long-term results. Some of it can also be completely avoided if the proper mental planning takes place beforehand.

Be Clear-Eyed in Your Goals

Creating the right frame of mind starts with attitude. Knowing precisely why you want to lose weight whether it be for health reasons like high cholesterol or diabetes, or maybe you simply want to look and feel better overall. Lugging around extra weight is tiring. Your back and knees suffer from prolonged standing or walking and your stamina is greatly diminished. Whatever your reasons, get excited to start the journey. Buy a calendar, mark your exercise days, and set a realistic goal for the end of each month to manage expectations.

Prepare a Shopping List

Once you’re mentally committed, it’s time to put that commitment to test with a diet plan. Everyone knows the cornerstone of any healthy lifestyle is eating the right food with the right portion size. Different diets work for different people, so regardless of which one you choose it needs to meet your base nutritional requirements and be something you can stick to long term. Fundamentally if you cut down carbs, and sugars, and increase your fruit and vegetable intake, you are taking an important step in the right direction.   

Motivate Yourself With Rewards

Once you have a diet planned and exercise regime in place don’t forget to incentivize your effort. For every hard-earned goal you reach, give yourself a reward, it should be something small and no, not a slice of cake from your favorite bakery. If you’ve made it this far don’t muck it up with a lapse in diet discipline and fall into old patterns. Go to a movie, get a massage, buy some new clothes, and write it down afterwards with the rest of your plan.


The first step in planning a weight loss regime is preparing yourself mentally. With the right planning and goal setting, your dieting and exercise will pay off in the long run!

Exercising During the Winter

The wintertime is brutal for those who prefer warm weather. This is especially true when you want to exercise but the biting cold prevents you from even leaving your bed. If you’re sensitive to the temperature drop, then you haven’t given yourself enough time to adjust. It may take a few days before your body stops shivering whenever you step outside for a run. It’s important that you don’t lose momentum, which is why we’re here to give you tips on how to stay warm and motivated throughout the winter.

Warm Up

There’s a reason why it’s called “warm up” exercises – your blood starts pumping and your body begins to heat up. This is crucial for any kind of exercise no matter the season or weather. Take five to 10 minutes to perform low-level aerobic exercises such as jumping jacks or jogging. When you’re prepping yourself for the main exercise, the shift won’t feel as jarring!


Wearing layers of clothing helps you stay warm even when you’re exercising. It is recommended that you wear three layers: base, mid, and outer. The base layer keeps moisture and perspiration away from your skin while providing warmth and dryness. The mid layer insulates. The outer layer blocks out wind and water. Exercise attire depends on your personal preferences, but when you’re battling the cold, we mainly suggest you wear clothes that insulate and repel wind. Also, you should be mindful of wearing clothes that you can strip off should you start to sweat –for example, a sweater or long-sleeved shirt.

Gym Options

Whether you run outside or on a treadmill, you will be met with the cold weather as you make the trip. Figuring out where you’d like to exercise is important, especially when you need to stay committed. If you’re the type of person who needs to leave the house to stay motivated, then consider a gym membership so you feel more compelled to make use of it rather than waste your money. If you enjoy exercising at home, then make it as entertaining as possible. As long as you keep up a routine, you’ll have a better chance of staying motivated.


The weather can play a huge factor in how often you exercise, but it’s a matter of motivation that you need to maintain. Whether you prefer the heat or chills, you’ve got some hurdles a treadmill over. With our tips on how to stay warm and motivated throughout Figuring out, you’ll be happy with the results once spring comes around.

Maintaining Your Weight Loss Goals During Thanksgiving

With Thanksgiving around the corner, it is easy to start getting nervous about how you will be able to maintain your weight-loss progress. Nothing, not even a holiday should get in the way of your goals. Thanksgiving is a favorite holiday for many because of the delicious one-of-a-kind feast that family and friends put together. A lot of people with dieting goals like to designate it as their “cheat day.” Why break the habit of your renewed healthy lifestyle for mushy and creamy food?

We are here to tell you that it’s possible to enjoy the holidays, eat delicious food, and still stay on track with your goals. Try one of these tips, or challenge yourself to all of them!

Breakfast of Champs

Thanksgiving meals are for dinner, so why give in to the excessive amount of carbs in the morning? Make it a mission to eat the healthiest of meals for breakfast. If you’ve been wanting to try a new power food, but not willing enough to give up a delicious carb-loaded breakfast, then Thanksgiving is your day! Just remember that you will feast later, and it shouldn’t be too much of a struggle to avoid the fats and sugars.

Family Marathon

There are many 5k marathons that take place on or the day after the holiday. Why not make it a fun family activity and have everyone volunteer for a pressure-free, yet very active run! Getting your sweat in is the perfect balance to the number of calories and fats taken in from the feast. You won’t even have to feel like limiting yourself to your favorite sweet potato casserole because you will be getting an extra amount of exercise after! The best part is that most marathons are for a cause, and you will be doing everyone a favor in the holiday of giving.

Being First Is Better Than Seconds

Remember why you started your healthy lifestyle. Thanksgiving dishes are not the healthiest options out there, and getting seconds is excessive. Don’t feel guilty and do not stop yourself from indulging every now and then, especially around a holiday. Why should you overdo it with an extra amount on your plate? Practicing portion control will allow you to dig into every dish no matter how fatty!

Make Your Own Dish

Volunteer to make your own dish. Not only is that a good deed, but you will feel safe to know that at least one dish will be a part of your balanced diet plan. Use the holiday as an opportunity to cook up a healthy recipe you’ve been too busy to create.

Drinks Lots of Water

Of course, don’t forget about water! Water stops you from overeating and it’s a great mechanism if you’re afraid of your inability to resist seconds.


Challenge yourself to one or more of these tips to keep up with your health goals. Remember that just because Thanksgiving is a holiday, it doesn’t mean that you have to give in to food, especially large quantities of it. Enjoy the holidays and good luck with your health plan!

The Best Calisthenic Exercises for Beginners

Starting off with a regular fitness routine can be a difficult process if it’s been a long time since you’ve given it the old college try. As a result, you may not know what exercises may work for you depending on what areas of the body you are interested in targeting. To best serve you, we have come up with a few of the different calisthenic exercises for those beginners out there!

The great thing about this particular regimen is that you don’t need any weights or exercise machines to get a great workout. You can even do these exercises when you’re away on a business trip in your hotel room or next to your couch while you have the television playing in the background. Whatever the scenario, you can expect to get a great workout by following these helpful tips!

Neck and Shoulders

We’ll start off with a pretty simple neck exercise: while you’re either standing or sitting, slowly drop your head forward until your chin touches your chest. After 5-to-10 seconds, return to your original position. Now, lean your head slightly back and hold this position for 5-to-10 seconds. Repeat this stretch in each direction five times. Do this same exercise by rotating and tilting your head for the same pausing times.

For your shoulders, either stand or sit in a chair with your feet shoulder-width apart. Proceed to roll your shoulders upwards, backward, and down in one fluid motion, repeating this movement five times. After that, reverse the motion upwards, forward, and down five times.


There are a few different exercises at your disposal when working the chest. Your traditional push-up definitely does the trick, which also works for pectorals, triceps, and deltoids. While you may only start with around 10 push-ups in one go, over time, you should work up to high reps while adding weight (this is easily done by having someone standing next to you gradually pushing down on your back).

Other exercises include incline push-ups (perform the traditional push-up with your feet elevated on a chair, bed, or bench), which helps address the upper pectorals, and chest dips. When you want to improve your deltoids, consider doing shoulder presses.


The most effective means of building up muscle mass in your back is through chin-ups. Make sure wherever you perform this exercise that it is somewhere safe and sturdy so you don’t risk hurting yourself.

After you start to build up a high rep range, you can add weight just like through push-ups by having someone standing on a chair next to you and pushing down on your shoulders. Hyperextensions on the edge of a bed or chair also do wonders, but make sure you do this exercise safely since you can hurt yourself by falling.


Now we get to your extremities. There’s nothing quite like flexing your arms in the mirror and seeing the results of a good workout staring back at you. The best way to improve your biceps is through pull-ups performed with a shoulder-width grip which really targets this part of your body. When working on your triceps, performing dips in-between two chairs or decline close grip push-ups will bring the muscles you seek.


One of the most fundamental exercises in any workout regimen is squats. Not only does this target your thighs, but your quadriceps as well. With your feet shoulder-width apart, squat as deep as you possibly can before returning back to your original standing position.

When you want to add weight, have someone grab your shoulders and apply downward pressure. Sissy squats, lunges, leg squats, glute-ham raises, and straight-leg deadlifts are other examples of developing your thighs, calves, quadriceps, and hamstrings.


Everyone wants six-pack abs – at least, those who have a desire to be fit want them. It’s a great way to show off just how in shape your body truly is. The thing is, everyone’s metabolism acts differently, with a lot of it coming down to genetics. Be that as it may, there are some great exercises you can do that will let you go beyond what your genes say is possible to give you those abs you desire!

They include your traditional crunches and twisting crunches, V-ups, scissor kicks, and lying leg raises. A great way to intensify your ab workout is to keep your arms raised above your head. On the other hand, if you’re trying to make the routine a bit less intense, have your arms crossed over your shoulders with elbows facing up or have your arms crossed over your chest.

While these are simply examples of the different exercises you can do to target specific areas of the body, we recommend speaking with a weight loss specialist who can organize a workout routine that works best for you. After all, like we mentioned before, everyone’s physical makeup is different, so it’s crucial that you have a program that is tailored towards your particular fitness goals and medical needs!

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